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The Terms of Use can be amended with the aid of using us on occasion and posting on this internet site. These amendments can be made with no notice to you and will be followed for your subsequent utilization of this internet site. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this website and those terms of use, and your continued use of this website after these types of modifications are made may be deemed to represent your acceptance of these modifications. 

If you object to any of the Terms of Use or any subsequent modifications to them, or end up disappointed in any manner with your use of the Services, your simplest remedy is to immediately cease the usage of the Services and this website. 

If links and different redirection gear take the person to different web sites operated by 3rd parties ("Outside Sites") seem on this internet site, you know that those Outside Sites might not be managed with the aid of us and do now no longer shape this internet site and agree that you'll now no longer keep us accountable or in any manner liable for something that takes place on Outside Sites. 

  1. Gain access to and availability of a website 

We reserve the right to alter, stop, or disable all or a part of the services, on both an everlasting or transient basis, at any time. We may also suspend, terminate, or restrict your access to all or a portion of the services at any time if you violate the Terms of Use.

  1. Website use: 

Businesses, commercial enterprise proprietors and/or their employees, contractors, retailers or representatives, such as, without limitation, virtual businesses and search engine marketing consultants (collectively "Advertisers"), might also additionally make available for download on this internet site certain data or fabric, such as, but no longer confined to textual content, sounds, music, software, photographs, videos, data, snap shots, images, emblems, button icons, audio clips, messages, links, virtual map data, listing listings or any other content (collectively "Content"). 

There is no illegal, infringing, or offensive interest. 

You need to no longer post, transmit to or through this website (such as any features, functions, on-line transactions, seek engines, commercial enterprise list data, costs and/or different services or products provided with the aid of using us on occasion) data or content which breaches any legal guidelines or regulations, infringes a third party’s rights or privacy, or is offensive or contrary to any applicable requirements or codes, such as commonly widely wide-spread network requirements. You need to no longer allow or allow every other man or woman to do any of these things. 

You need to no longer transmit any advertising, promotional substances, or comparable substances without our explicit written permission. Examples of unlawful, infringing or offensive interests consist of, but aren't always confined to, content or fabric that: 

  • is fake or deceptive, abusive, harassing, defamatory, offensive, humiliating, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, racist, discriminatory or invasive of another’s privacy; 
  • is an infringement of the highbrow belonging’s rights of every other party; 
  • isn't always owned with the aid of you; might also additionally inspire crook interest; contravenes any relevant legal guidelines, regulations, codes and requirements; disturbs or damages this internet site, services or its content; damages us or our reputation; or in any other case breaches those Terms of use. 

We might also additionally withdraw or modify any content or fabric you offer us for show on this website at our absolute discretion, such as without limitation, 

  • if we: fairly do not forget it's inappropriate, offensive, deceptive or deceptive, wrong or in every other manner a breach of those Terms of Use or any regulation or 1/3 celebration rights; 
  • or are advised to achieve this with the aid of using any 1/3 celebration. 

There are no viruses or other forms of interference. 

You must no longer transmit any virus or other data or fabric to or through the Services, or use the Services in any other way that: 

  • tampers with, hinders the operation of, or makes unauthorized changes to the Services; 
  • prevents others from using the Services; 
  • violates the security of the Services; or accesses any other unauthorized areas of the Services. 

Fair use with the aid of using advertisers

An advertiser 

  • Might also additionally simply publish content referring to the advertiser’s commercial enterprise; 
  • Might not market it under a commercial enterprise name that isn't always owned by the advertiser; in search of posting more than three commercial enterprise listings, might also additionally simplest achieve this through our bulk add facility. 

This consists of advertisers for associated commercial enterprises (e.g., a franchise group) or unrelated organizations (e.g., a virtual business enterprise representing, in any other case, impartial clients). Advertisers who wish to use our bulk add service must contact us in order to be granted right of entry. Fair use with the aid of using customers All the content available to be had on or through the services is supplied for informational functions only. The content might also be used and reproduced for non-public and non-industrial use only. The following are examples of unacceptable use: (a) content framing; (b) content scaping; content data-mining; (d) content extraction; (e) content re-distribution; mirroring of fabric; or the usage of this internet site in any manner which might intrude on its operation for different parties. 

Notice of disclaimer: 

By using this website, you agree to be bound by the following disclaimers. 

  • We surely function as a market platform and aren't worried about any ensuing transaction among advertisers and clients who settle their offerings after first being brought through this website. 
  • We haven't any control over the truth, accuracy, quality, protection, or legality of the objects or offerings provided with the aid of using advertisers, and the cap potential of advertisers to offer the offerings provided. 
  • We cannot and do no longer verify every advertiser’s purported identity. 
  • On the occasion that you have a dispute with one or more customers of this internet site, you release us (and our directors, retailers, contractors, affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, and employees) from claims, needs, and damages of every type and nature arising (whether or not immediately or indirectly) out of such dispute. 
  • You are responsible for finishing all transactions in which you participate (such as tracking the popularity of, and complying with all applicable felony’s and different obligations). We do no longer manipulate, advise, or approve the offerings supplied with the aid of the customers of this internet site. Furthermore, we no longer validate or accept responsibility for the financial status of advertisers.
  • You are aware of and release us in the event that you address underage people or people acting under false pretenses. Search consequences are primarily based on some factors that may alternate on occasion. 
  • We make no warranties as to the order in which advertiser listings seem to seek consequences, if at all. 

Intellectual Property 

license for the use of your data


  • solely to allow us to apply the data you provide us with, in order that we aren't violating any rights you've got in that data, you agree to furnish us with a non-extraordinary, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, fee-loose proper to apply, reproduce, alter, adapt, post or speak to the general public your content for the affordable functions of our commercial enterprise and the proper to sublicence the same rights to others. 
  • We additionally reserve the right to no longer apply the content that you publish. You warrant that you have all the important rights, such as copyright, inside the content you contribute, that your content isn't always defamatory, and that it does no longer breach any legal guidelines. 
  • You agree to indemnify us for any and all criminal charges, damages, and other fees that may be incurred as a result of using us due to a breach of this warranty. 


You no longer need to obscure, remove, mask or update any attribution statements or copyright notices or emblems that might be embedded in any data supplied with the aid of you. 


All copyright and different intellectual property rights residing in the services and the content and fabric of this website (including, without limitation, the software, design, textual content, and photographs, and the choice and format of this website) are owned by us, licensed to us, and protected by copyright under the laws of Australia and different countries.Except as permitted by law or with our written consent, you may not distribute, reproduce, frame, transmit (such as broadcast), speak, adapt, distribute, sell, post, modify, alter, or create derivative works from any part of the services or the content on the services.


You agree to accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions, namely the application of the legal guidelines that you follow. You agree that we aren't responsible for the legality of the moves of customers of the services. 


You indemnify and release us (and our directors, retailers, contractors, affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, and employees) from and towards any claims, needs, proceedings, losses, and damages of every type and nature, such as affordable solicitor’s fees, made with the aid of using you or any third party, because of or arising (whether or not immediately or indirectly) from your breach of those Terms of Use or your violation of any regulation or the rights of a 3rd party. 

There is no Agency

You and we are independent contractors, and no business, partnership, joint venture, employee-organization, or franchisee-franchisor relationship is created or implied by this Terms of Use agreement or your use of the Services.

The Rule of Law

These Terms of Use are ruled with the aid of the legal guidelines of Western Australia. You and we publish to the non-extraordinary jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia and waive, with no limitation, any declaration or objection primarily based on absence of jurisdiction or inconvenient forum.